How do I get videos to play on my computer?

To play videos that are of formats that are not standard to windows many people will use a program called VLC. This programs allows all kinds of video files to be played. Many people will try to play avi files in windows media player and may only get sound. This is because the computer that is playing the video lacks the video codec needed to play the video format.

Go here to download and install VLC media player:

It is available for mac, windows, and linux.

How can I figure out how much RAM my computer can handle?

The max amount of RAM that a computer can have is determined by the operating system (windows) and the motherboard. Windows XP is said to have a max amount of RAM of 2.5 gigabytes. A motherboard will limit the RAM to 8 gigabytes, 16 gigabytes, or something like that. Check with the operating system and the motherboard to see how many gigabytes of memory the computer can use.

If you use windows vista or windows 7, you can have much more memory at your disposal. Windows Vista naturally takes more memory than Windows XP and does not cap at 2.5 gigabytes.

How do I protect my computer from adware, spyware, and viruses?

If your computer is already infected with adware, spyware, or a virus the surest and best way to fix the problem is to backup all your important files then format or erase your hard drive then reinstall your operating system (windows xp). One obvious way you can know if you have adware is that webpages open up randomly to the same place or when you aren’t even browsing the internet.