How do I protect my computer from adware, spyware, and viruses?

If your computer is already infected with adware, spyware, or a virus the surest and best way to fix the problem is to backup all your important files then format or erase your hard drive then reinstall your operating system (windows xp). One obvious way you can know if you have adware is that webpages open up randomly to the same place or when you aren’t even browsing the internet.

Noun: Software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems.

Lets say you want to get rid of some of these pesty programs without the hassle of resorting to reinstalling Windows. There are free programs that will do just that!

Free Antivirus Program

One is program is AVG. Which is a free anti-virus program which can be downloaded at

Free Anti-spyware Program

Another program is called Spybot – Search and Destroy which is also free and is an antispyware and anti adware program. Spybot can be downloaded at

Free Anti-adware Program

Also there is a program designed specifically to get rid of adware and it is called Adaware. Which can be downloaded here:

Malwarebytes is also a useful free program to keep your computer free of spyware and adware and you can download it here:

There are many other free antivirus programs out there you can try. But be careful when doing a google search and trying to download and test a bunch of them. First off they might be adware, spyware, or adware themselves. So the best site to try software is Not only that but they may conflict with eachother when installed and running at the same time. So the best idea is to just try one at a time by installing one, trying it and then uninstalling the program to try another.

Remove adware, spyware, or viruses the right way!

In order to remove malware from your computer the best way is to start with a virus scan. Viruses are often times the most harmful. Lets say you used an antiadware program and removed some adware. It might show up again because there is a hidden virus that downloads the adware or spyware to your computer. In order to get the best results of removing malware, follow these three steps:

1 – Do a virus scan and remove the viruses.

2 – Do a spyware scan and remove the spyware.

3 – Do a adware scan and remove the adware.

Much like when you weed your garden you have to remove not only the stem or the leaves but also the root. The virus is the root of most spyware and adware. These steps best insure that your computer will not be infected with any malware.

One of the best ways to keep your computer protected from malware is to know why and how malware is installed. Malware is mainly a marketing scheme that is designed to get information from you like what websites you visit: Spyware

Also it is designed to advertise things on your computer: Adware

And Viruses are used to install these programs and to damage your computer.

Malware is mainly designed for the goal of money and marketing studies. They aren’t necessarily made by some geeky kid in his garage designed to just torment you. :)

5 Tips to insure that your computer stays protected

1 – Do not download programs from questionable websites.

2 – Scan a file with a virus program before you open it.

3 – Insure that your computer’s firewall is on.

4 – Keep Windows up to date.

5 – Monitor your emails and attachments carefully.


Here are some other programs that are great for removing malware:

– Antivirus –1 – AVG Free
2 – Avast
3 – Anti Vir
4 – Bitdefender
5 – Comodo
– Anti-Spyware and Anti-adware – 1 – Spybot – Search and Destroy
2 – Adaware
3 – Malwarebytes

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