How to Setup VSFTPD (FTP Server) on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

FTP is important to have setup on your web server, especially since most servers are remote and will require you to connect from a distance to modify files. By default FTP is very insecure and can easily be compromised by a hacker if not secured. We will not only cover how to setup FTP on your server with VSFTPD but also how to setup FTPS to insure your connection is secure. (more…)

How to Setup a LAMP Stack Web Server on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

Setting up your own web server can be very exciting and sometimes challenging. This article contains command line steps to setup a LAMP stack. You will need to make sure your server has a firewall for security and open up port 80 for web access. If you are setting up the server over the internet you may need to open up port 21 for FTP access and port 22 for connecting to the server using SSH. SSH is a way to connect to a server remotely through the Terminal program on Mac/Linux or with Putty program using Windows. (more…)